Grant Applications

We have awarded more than $26 million in research grants. 

Currently, we are not accepting Letters of Intent. Please continue to check back for future application acceptance announcements.

Research Priorities

The Scientific Advisory Board has outlined the following research priorities. Research proposals should address at least one of the priorities.

  • Proteomics and other post-genomic technologies applied to the investigation of CLL drug development
  • Molecular definition and characterization of prognostic factors, relevant to the natural history of CLL
  • Molecular targets in CLL
  • Identification of and interruption of CLL survival pathways New vaccine and gene therapy approaches
  • New monoclonal antibodies that target CLL cells or restore immune functions
  • Etiology of CLL:
    1. Molecular genetics
    2. Extrinsic factors
  • Methods for quantifying residual disease in CLL Cell/Stroma interaction